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For growing children there should be a separate room for playing and if a room is decorated well with latest item so definitely kids will enjoy. Special made little sofa only for kids, money box in a shape of cartoon character, different kinds of cushion in different colours and shapes, fancy lights, chairs, tables, soft toys and many more items which become a factor to get attention of kids. Rather than to survey market for selection of decorative items for you kids, just visit our online shop and select among wide range of different decorative products in very affordable price, material which is used in the production of our item is very high quality. You will find all decorative material at one stop just chooses it online from our website and we will deliver you at your door step.

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During play time of your kids it is also a good thing if you bought them such book which are learning as well, different story books, puzzles and many more product are waiting for you. Book containing complete guide lines during and after pregnancy is very much helpful for a lady, It will help a becoming mother step by step during and after when she became mother. Many kids like swimming and at beginner level swimming tube is required, for kids, special designed swimming tubes made with high quality material and with different designs and colours are also available at Bump & Bunny.

During play time children may injured or got some abrasion. To divert their attention from pain we are producing different kind of bandages which are only designed for kids. Different types of faces like, sad, smile, upset and more are printed on these bandages so your kid would not afraid of it by wearing it.

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