A Guide To Suits – Italian Cuts

Right after World War II, Roman tailors invented Lo stile italiano. The first tailor that opened up was Brioni, which was known to be the creator of this particular style. The so-called “Roman Style” is the first even fashion style that was male focused during the 1950s. Using a male model back in the day was a ground-breaking step. The first time that a Brioni suit was noticed when Gregory Peck wore one of these suits when he won Best Picture in 1953 for his movie Roman Holiday. This created a crazy need for Italian suits that was not a huge demand in the American market. The country was soon after for this style of suits. These Italian suits were valued for the cleanliness and the slimness, which made men look very handsome and therefore there was a need for Italian tailor Sydney services. The styles in which these suits have been designed differ from the sub styles that are available as well.

The Italian suit cut

Italian suits in general do not have pocket flaps, vents and trouser breaks. It does however, have a two-button stance that has been positioned higher than the normal position. The cut was clean silhouette and slimming and not forgetting that the gorge was high. In comparison to the Italian cut, the British suits are more of a drape type of look.

Neapolitan suits

Suits from Naples have its own style and originates from the town of Kiton, which is renowned for the many number of tailoring places available in the world. Neapolitan suits have two different types of shoulders, which are con rollino and spalla camicia. Con rollion is also known as pagoda and has a roped shoulder. Spalla camicia is the term for shirtsleeve shoulder.

Is an Italian suit right for me?

If you are wondering if an Italian suit, then you need to just consider one factor and that is your body type. If you have an average and slim body then you will need to remember that a continental suit suits you the best. If you are a bigger guy is size, then you need to go for a regular suit. Italian suits do not fit for heavy frames. Italian suits are perfect for skinny men. If you are tall, then you should also opt for British than Italian suits. Italian cut will emphasize height, which is not necessary for a tall person. So ensure that you find the right suit for the right type of body. Know the types of suit styles available and ensure that you do not look awkward wearing a suit.