Right after World War II, Roman tailors invented Lo stile italiano. The first tailor that opened up was Brioni, which was known to be the creator of this particular style. The so-called “Roman Style” is the first even fashion style that was male focused during the 1950s. Using a male model back in the day was a ground-breaking step. The first time that a Brioni suit was noticed when Gregory Peck wore one of these suits when he won Best Picture in 1953 for his movie Roman Holiday. This created a crazy need for Italian suits that was not a huge demand in the American market. The country was soon after for this style of suits. These Italian suits were valued for the cleanliness and the slimness, which made men look very handsome and therefore there was a need for Italian tailor Sydney services. The styles in which these suits have been designed differ from the sub styles that are available as well.

The Italian suit cut

Italian suits in general do not have pocket flaps, vents and trouser breaks. It does however, have a two-button stance that has been positioned higher than the normal position. The cut was clean silhouette and slimming and not forgetting that the gorge was high. In comparison to the Italian cut, the British suits are more of a drape type of look.

Neapolitan suits

Suits from Naples have its own style and originates from the town of Kiton, which is renowned for the many number of tailoring places available in the world. Neapolitan suits have two different types of shoulders, which are con rollino and spalla camicia. Con rollion is also known as pagoda and has a roped shoulder. Spalla camicia is the term for shirtsleeve shoulder.

Is an Italian suit right for me?

If you are wondering if an Italian suit, then you need to just consider one factor and that is your body type. If you have an average and slim body then you will need to remember that a continental suit suits you the best. If you are a bigger guy is size, then you need to go for a regular suit. Italian suits do not fit for heavy frames. Italian suits are perfect for skinny men. If you are tall, then you should also opt for British than Italian suits. Italian cut will emphasize height, which is not necessary for a tall person. So ensure that you find the right suit for the right type of body. Know the types of suit styles available and ensure that you do not look awkward wearing a suit.

Typically, the wedding day is such an important day for a woman. This is because most of they have played games as children and when they finally are capable of making it a reality, they want it to be the best. If you’re a woman, you should be able to relate to this and everyone who is on board with you for the planning of the wedding must understand that. In this background, getting a great wedding frock designed for you can be a challenge. That’s why you must ensure that you do not commit the trivial mistakes in the bridal gown context. 

Here are 4 such mistakes that you should always avoid.

Waiting until the last moment to make a booking

You’re not the only one who’s getting married and understanding this is so vital. For an each and every person, their wedding is important to them. Hence, they will always do everything in their power to make the best out it. If you waited until the last moment to either buy bridal dresses auckland or to hire a great bespoke wedding dress designer AKL, you’re highly likely not to be able to either buy what you want or to find the professionals to be available. This is why you need to make your list of potential service providers and make your choice soon enough.

Choosing the wrong colors

In a wedding, the choice of the colors and even the designs play a huge role.  After all, if you’re creative enough, you can use every little detail to put together a sentimentally amazing dress. In the process, choosing the right color in relevance to the theme and even the location of the ceremony is important. That way, you will have the chance to draw the attention of the crowd to you, as the bride. Understanding the variance of the colors is essential too. For an example, in the design perspective, it is never white but off-white, crystal white and so on,

Miscommunication with the designer/maker

One of the biggest problems that creates even bigger problems in this area is when you have poor commination with your good wedding gown maker akl or even the designer. Usually, these people need to be friendly in the first place. However, in order for them to react in a friendly way, you should do your part too. Because they’re not entitled to be friendly unless they choose to be. Hence, be sure to develop a good relationship with your dress designer. This would allow you to have a vivid and amazing dress in the end of the day.

Wearing the wrong size

This goes without saying. You need to make sure that the dress is custom made for you and you only. For this, the maker should be able to take measurements and deliver the dress accordingly.

Planning a wedding is not something easy. It requires an immense amount of work and patience to plan and organize a wedding and it is the reason why there are professionals who organize events such as wedding for a living. If you and your fiancé are planning a wedding, the tips that we have given below and the list of chores that we have mentioned below will definitely help you to have a smooth planning process. Listed below are some chores that are very important with regards to a wedding and you can just read through the information and make sure that you are on top of all of your goals. Follow the list below and you will be able to easily have a very smooth and easy planning process.

Talk About Budget

Planning a wedding usually takes a lot of time and energy but more than anything, it usually is a very expensive ordeal and because of that, it is very important talk about the budget and come up with a plan as to how much you are going to spend on this event. Set apart some time, sit down with your fiancé and come up with a budget and allocate money towards the various chores that you need to cross off of the to do list. The expensive lace wedding dresses Sydney that you have been looking at may not be a good idea after all.

Take Care Of Yourself

When planning a wedding, it is very easy to get stressed out and lose sleep over the various chores and things that you need to cross off of your checklist but it is important to not do so because this can make you look tired and exhausted and you don’t want to look bad on your wedding day. Even if you’re busy looking for tea length dresses and finding a good photographer, setting aside some time to establish a beauty routine and change up your eating habits can do wonders and contribute to your health.

Book A Room

This is usually one that most people forget but it is so important because after a long day, the last thing you want to do is drive back home so it is always best to get a room in the hotel or nearby the wedding venue so that you can just crash without giving it much thought.

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Majority of people assume that stylists are only useful to celebrities and models but this is untrue. Stylists have many benefits to all the people who wish to make a good impression. Clothing is very important because it shows other people the type of person you truly are. Although it is common knowledge that you must never judge a book by its cover, most successful people dress well because they realise that their appearance does matter. Most people spend an awful amount of time preparing notes and cards for business meetings with new clients with the hopes of creating business relations with them. But they must also understand that clients will definitely be influenced by the way they dress because it is a true representation of their character, status and position. There are many benefits of hiring stylists so below are a few of it.

Image Building

A corporate stylist in Melbourne is very useful to high profiles businessmen who wish to make an impression on new clients. A persons clothing style says a lot about his personality and a stylist is able to make sure that their client is dressed not only to impress but also stays true to his personality. A stylist is able to choose the perfect formal wear matching it to the personal preferences of his client. Most people assume that dressing well means blindly dressing the trendiest clothes in the industry. But a true fashion expert chooses his clothes which are trendy and at the same time comfortable for him. Stylists choose clothes with the perfect colour combination as well as the right accessories. Perfect clothing can help a person makes a perfect impression in the world.

The Team

Public figures and successful people usually have a personal team of assistants, advisors, managers, personal trainer and many more professionals. This is because these professionals support the person and make life easier for him in one way or another. They make sure that he makes good choices and remains successful. A personal stylist is an important professional in the team because he helps the person maintain his appearance and dress well according to the occasion. Stylists take their jobs seriously because they understand the value of one’s appearance therefore they will always ensure that their clients have the right clothes for any event. Visit https://www.kellysmythe.com/personal-styling/ for personal stylist.


And MoneyStylists need to be paid but the benefits definitely outweigh the costs. Stylists save a lot of time for their clients by making sure that they have all the right clothes whenever required. Stylists also help save money by reducing the purchase of unsuitable clothes for the client.